Micro & nano technology processes

Medspray uses established micro & nano technology processes to manufacture the spray nozzles. The orifices of our spray nozzles are tiny (1 to 30 micrometer, for reference: a human hair is 70 micrometers thick). Medspray is located close to the Twente University and its extensive Nanolab facilities, where our own operators create silicon nozzle chips for R&D purposes.

Spray nozzles are created batch-wise, with several thousand nozzles from a single silicon wafer. Upscaling is a bigger challenge for the back end processes like packaging the nozzle chip in the plastic spray nozzle unit. This spray nozzle unit assembly is done in our GMP clean room facility in semi automatic and fully automated production lines. Medspray owns six patent families around the spray nozzle unit technology. In 2016 Medspray’s focus is on scaling up the production of spray nozzle units to several million pieces yearly.

Rayleigh sprays

Our spray nozzle units are based on plain orifice nozzles, creating Rayleigh jets. A 2 micron hole creates a jet, breaking up in mono-disperse 4 micron droplet trains. The diameter of the droplets is twice the size of the orifice. The hole size can be engineered to meet the specific requirements of the device. Spray nozzle chips do not have electronic functions, it is purely a mechanical structure, made with technologies generally used to make computer chips.

Pressing water through the medspray nozzle results in a jet which will automatically break up in droplets (Rayleigh breakup). This is mono-disperse, all droplets have the same size. The droplets are twice the size of the jet. By changing the hole diameter of the spray nozzle, the droplet size can be engineered for optimal performance.


MESA+ Nanolab

Medspray’s nozzle chip research and development takes place at the MESA+ Nanolab, the 1250 m2 micro nano technology clean room facility of University Twente. This state-of-the-art nanotechnology playground has a vast repertoire of processes, enabling Medspray to create unlimited spray nozzle variations for R&D purposes. Established spray nozzle designs to be produced in large numbers, are transferred to commercial foundries to obtain a secure and controlled supply of nozzle chips.

Aerosol lab

Medspray's in house aerosol characterization lab is specialized in evaluating non-dense wet aerosols. The list below gives an overview of the inventory.
Our staff is specialized in validation of novel measurement methods to complete the device master record. If you have specific questions about our aerosol laboratory, please contact info@medspray.com.

High Tech Factory

Our assembly clean rooms are located within High Tech Factory, see also www.hightechfactory.com Our GMP compliant spray nozzle unit assembly takes place in our ISO Class 7 clean rooms. Small series for clinical trials can be made on semi automatic lines, giving maximum flexibility, however using automated welding steps to maintain a constant product quality. Larger series are made on our fully automated line.